Family Law

Family relationships can be sensitive and complicated, and the decisions surrounding them can be challenging. Our experienced team handles a wide range of family-related legal issues, including:


Adopting a child will likely be one of the most significant events in a person or couple’s lives. And possibly one of the most expensive. Not an area to navigate alone, especially if the adoption is international. Our experienced adoption attorneys help our clients to understand the adoption process and guide them through the complexities of the legal system in Massachusetts. We handle a broad range of adoptions, including secondary parent and stepparent adoptions. It is necessary to have legal representation for adoption; start the right way and consult with an advocate who has your best interests in mind.


While a divorce ends a marriage, there are sometimes situations where the marriage should not have been legally recognized in the first place. Reasons such as fraud, mental incompetence, or hidden medical conditions may make an annulment of the marriage the best option. Speak with one of our skilled divorce lawyers to determine if this is an option for you to consider.

Child Custody

In most cases, children deserve to have both parents in their lives. The child custody attorneys at Carter DeYoung have been helping parents preserve their relationships with their children for nearly four decades. Expert legal advice from the team of Cape Cod attorneys will help sort out, or avoid altogether, emotional issues like visitation, parenting plans, and issues arising from parental relocation.

Divorce Modifications

Terms set during an initial divorce proceeding are binding, but important and ongoing situations, such as child support and child custody, can be modified when there’s a substantial change in circumstances. Divorce modifications occur at various stages throughout life, such as when children enter college or if a parent becomes self-employed. Divorce decrees cannot possibly plan in advance for every life change, but the divorced couple can plan on things changing and be prepared by having legal representation when modifications are necessary.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

When an individual would like to become the legal guardian of a minor or an individual who is disabled or a conservator to manage the property and financial affairs of another person, they need to be appointed by a judge. Planning ahead in any of these situations will save time and thousands of dollars, not to mention will avoid a lot of grief. Our family law team of expert attorneys will represent you through the process.


When an individual is seeking to establish paternity, challenge paternity, or terminate their parental rights, they’ll need solid, expert legal representation. The Carter DeYoung attorneys are available and expertly equipped to help you through the parental rights process.

Prenuptial Agreements

Writing up a prenuptial agreement can provide many benefits to a marrying couple. In the unfortunate situation where a divorce occurs, a “prenup” can protect assets or ensure that children from a previous marriage will receive their rightful inheritances. A poorly conceived contract may not hold up in court if challenged. With decades of experience in family law, the attorneys at Carter DeYoung will help you to write and uphold a legally valid agreement in the Massachusetts court of law.

Petitions to Partition

When a decedent leaves a property to multiple heirs who cannot amicably come to an agreement on the division or sale of a property, a petition to partition is a common course of action. You’ll need an inheritance dispute attorney who will represent your best interests, help you to retain what’s rightfully yours, and hopefully keep your family relations intact.

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